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Livesey All Freight Systems introduces its newest recruit, Emily Chambers, Director of Administration

Written by Jill Cyphers. Posted in Read Latest News

MISSOULA, MT - Livesey All Freight Systems,Inc. is delighted to announce that Emily Chambers has joined our team as Director of Administration.

The search for the right person to fill this position has been a lengthly one. Livesey All Freight Systems, Inc. enlists a rigorous approach to recruitment in an effort to provide its customers and carriers with not only the best people in the industry, but the best suited to their needs and culture.  With knowledge, ingenuity, and motivation as given attributes, employees must also demonstrate behaviors compatible with Livesey All Freight Systems' vision and values.  

Emily is responsible for leading the all aspects of business administration, finance management, and business structuring; ensuring all department systems and processes are highly efficient. She brings an impressive accounting purview, organizational insight, and management skills to the position, all accumulated with her experience employed with mid-sized to large hotel chains in the hospitality arena.

Jeffrey D. Cyphers, President and CEO, says, “It was Emily's no-nonsense approach that first attracted our attention. This position requires someone who understands that fine balance of professionalism and courtesy while at the same time carrying a pretty big stick. We just knew that Emily would make a fine addition to the team and be an asset to our company. Attracting the finest talent we can find is one of Livesey All Freight Systems' core charters. With Emily now joining the staff, we are well on our way!”

Emily is already at home in Livesey All Freight Systems' personable culture, and inspiring her colleagues with her drive and enthusiasm.

This latest appointment is part of Livesey All Freight Systems' ongoing commitment to maintaining a strong, supportive infrastructure that enables its team members to reach their full potential while providing the utmost in superior service to its customers and partner carriers.

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