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Glenn Livesey Announces Acquisition of Livesey All Freight Systems, Inc.

Written by Jill Cyphers. Posted in Read Latest News

Dear Valued Livesey All Freight Systems Customers and Partners,

I would like to share with you some important news; JD Cyphers Investments, LLC has agreed to acquire 100% of Livesey All Freight Systems, Inc. (Livesey).  Read Our Tribute to the Livesey Legacy »

First and foremost, I want you to know that our relationship will not change. Customer success is the foundation of our approach to business. You will receive the same high level of service and support you have come to depend upon from Livesey. We will continue to actively cultivate partnerships across our diverse customer network and we will continue to support all current partners.

JD Cyphers Investments, LLC (JDCI) shares Livesey’s vision to create a greater value by commitment and superior service in remaining focused on the Transportation & Logistics sectors. By tightly coupling solutions in the back office, operations, and in the field, customers will benefit with greater efficiencies, more predictable freight deliveries, and greater satisfaction.

Founded in 2010, JD Cyphers Investments (JDCI) was created to oversee a small but growing family of companies. Headquartered in Eureka, California, the Company serves as an oversight platform with its primary purpose being the administrative, financial, human relations, technology, and operations management for each entity within its family of companies.Please visit to learn more.

The number one goal of JDCI’s founders is to be a credit to its communities and to our country, a valuable resource to customers, and a place where their dedicated employees can grow and prosper. They do this by always striving to treat their customers, affiliates, partners, and each and every member of their team with dignity and respect, and by doing what it takes to meet the needs of the markets they serve through taking prudent risks and working together to assure their success, the success of their customers, and future profitability for all; in other words -- doing things “the Livesey way”.

We’re excited to be joining the JDCI organization and to have the opportunity to become a part of a growth-oriented, highly innovative, forward thinking company. Livesey will continue as an independent business unit within JDCI’s family of companies, and will focus mainly on working with one of its new sister companies, TJS Leasing & Holding Company, Inc. (TJS), a food grade transportation company with customers throughout the country. To learn more about TJS, please visit

Livesey will continue to execute its current strategy focusing on transportation solutions. In other words, Livesey will remain your, “you call - we haul your crap all over the map” carrier! Please be assured that this acquisition offers no disruption for you, all of your existing contacts for sales, support, and services and personnel at Livesey remain the same. This is an exciting time for Livesey and our partners in business, and we are truly grateful for your contributions to our success.


H. Glenn Livesey
H. Glenn Livesey

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